Secrets of the most successful festive ads

Festive season advertising represents a particular challenge for planners and creatives: not only must they standout and impact amidst the year’s most crowded media schedules but they must do so while resonating with the very specific values that the holidays represent. Only be doing so can they create the deeper associations that align audience members with the brand and drive decision-making in the future.

Chinese New year is a critical period for the advertisers across Asia. Brands compete for their own version of double prosperity: a share of increased spending over Chinese New year itself, and longer-term consumer involvement that can extend the benefits of a holiday campaign throughout the year.

To gain a meaningful return from their Chinese New Year advertising, brands need to do more than raise a smile. In an exclusive analysis of campaigns from some of Asia’s biggest brands, TNS reveals which adverts truly connected with the audience. See the key findings here.

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