Reaching the Digital Divas — The world's most influential women

Digital Divas are transforming shopping from solo act to public performance, recreational adventure to extreme sport and open-ended expedition to cool, calculated mission. They challenge assumptions about how women use digital tools and technology to shop, especially for everyday household items. Digital tools and technology have changed the way they shop for home fragrance, food and feminine hygiene products as much or more than they have for handbags, and Divas are nearly twice as likely to report using mobile phones and social networks to shop for personal and baby care products as they are for fashion and accessories.

Divas challenge the conventional notion that women tap digital devices and destinations mainly for “bigger ticket” purchases. Their digital devices act as shopping muses, buddies, negotiators and dealmakers or breakers in grocery and pharmacy aisles, not just between clothing racks or on showroom floors. Digital Divas’ devices are their ‘personal shopping assistants.’ They’ve edged out customer service agents and even shopping buddies in category after category. The digital stakes for brands have never been higher.

With social networks at least twice the size of other women’s, Divas wield influence and have the power to make or break a brand, online and off. They don’t suffer fools and won’t go for gimmicks. What makes a brand most digitally savvy in Divas’ eyes isn’t just a Facebook profile, an app or a game. The brands winning with Divas are those creating or curating the best content and serving it up in contextually relevant ways, regardless of the category in which they compete. The brands Divas talk and Tweet about are those connecting the digital dots—inspiring, organizing and streamlining their shopping missions, not getting in the way of them.

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