Me, My Selfie, and I

Tapping into a cultural insight is (or should be) the goal for any brand wanting to make a lasting impression on its audience. While many are still searching for that golden nugget, one band has been able to cash in on the essence of today’s youth.

Few catchphrases or hashtags have defined this era more than the word “selfie.” As of 2013, the term was added to the online Oxford English Dictionary and was soon after named “word of the year,” having proliferated wildly among the millennial generation.

The members of the newly popular electronic-music sensation The Chainsmokers decided this was the perfect way in with their young, socially savvy audience. The New York City-based DJs rose to immediate stardom after the release of their hit “#SELFIE” earlier this year. The track was originally released on SoundCloud, with official video posted on Vine and Instagram, to make sure they were directed at the exact audience that popularized the word.

The video features actual selfies from popular music artists and celebrities like Steve Aoki, Snoop Dogg, and David Hasselhoff, as well as social celebrities, to help gain online distribution. The artists even offered downloads of the audio so users could lay the soundtrack over their own selfies and create user-generated video content.

The song, a catchy summer hit regardless of its distribution channels, was destined for mass popularity from the start; to date it has notched over 98 million video views. The Chainsmokers currently rank as the most viral act on YouTube, in addition to having added almost 45,000 new fans to their Twitter account and 25,000 Instagram followers since the song’s release.

While it may be annoying the first time (or first 10 times) you hear it, you can’t deny the genius behind the song’s marketability. Or danceability. As The Chainsmokers might say, if you don’t like it, go f*ck your #selfie.

Check out the video here.

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