Cannes Lions 2016 | Panel
The Geography Of Demography

We’ve all seen the speed at which younger consumers adopt new consumption behaviors and their startling ability to multitask across different media. These same attributes mean they’re leading the way in setting trends and driving consumption in E&M markets around the world.

An interesting pattern is emerging in the minority and majority Muslim markets, and their habits and attitudes will influence culture throughout the world as companies cater to them. As more disruption occurs, we’re seeing markets—several high-velocity ones in particular—develop in different ways. The constantly shifting ground makes it imperative for companies to develop a more nuanced understanding of the opportunities across this complex matrix of interrelated factors, paying particular attention to the role of youth, of women, of social consciousness, of middle class attainment, of technology, and of the global Muslim community.

In partnership with PwC, we attempt to explore these factors with Kent Wertime, Chief Operating Officer, Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor, The Economist, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Founder and Editor-in-chief of, Michael Graham, Partner at PwC and Cecilia Yau, Entertainment & Media Practice Partner, PwC Hong Kong.

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