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The Dollars And Sense Of Mobile Connectivity | OgilvyRED

There’s little doubt that mobile technology can be a force for good — and no doubt whatsoever that it is an economic force. The explosive growth of mobile connectivity over the past 15 years has made it akin to a utility—like water or energy.

The benefits of connectivity are undisputed, but despite that, the potential increase in connection points and bandwidth is constrained by several interwoven factors. Affordability is key among them. Whether paying for a pre-paid 3G connection in sub-Saharan Africa or adding 5 connected devices to a data plan in North America, consumers are faced with an incremental and previously unaccounted-for cost.

Marketers have begun to learn how to position their brands in this new world and how to leverage the mobile lifestyle for engagement opportunities. They are struggling to find attractive models beyond legacy display advertising.

This paper, the second in the REDThink series by OgilvyRED, asks that we rethink marketing engagement and even business models. We believe that there are opportunities for all verticals to become partners in the connectivity ecosystem. Innovative concepts are meeting the challenge of providing internet accessibility through mobile broadband. They are concepts open for partners to join.

Mobile provides us with tremendous opportunities to engage with consumers in an age of limitless connectivity.

This is new thought leadership in Mobility from OgilvyRED, the global strategy consultancy of Ogilvy & Mather. This marks the second edition of this series. 

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