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YahooTube coming soon

Yahoo is working on its own user-generated video site as an alternative to YouTube, which as we all know, happens to be owned by Yahoo’s arch rival Google.

Wait, what?

That’s right. Yahoo has struggled for years to keep up with Google in the video stakes, with recent efforts including adding iconic TV anchor Katie Couric to its online media offering. Now it is rumoured to be working on a YouTube “clone”.

Is it even worth trying to compete against YouTube, though? Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer certainly believes that there are areas of YouTube’s ecosystem which can be improved upon. According to, Yahoo’s new strategy is “aimed at taking advantage of persistent complaints by both video creators and owners, who think that they don’t make enough money on YouTube.”

Poaching some of the big names from YouTube’s top 20% of creators would be a coup for Yahoo’s video platform, and some even think it wouldn’t hurt to foster a little healthy competition between the two search giants. “Subjecting Google’s 800 pound video gorilla to new competition would be good for creators and viewers alike,” says Dave Smith at ReadWrite. “In convincing content creators to join its YouTube clone, Yahoo is leveraging its reputation in search as an extra means to promote videos on a non-exclusive basis, which could be attractive to those video owners looking to get more money.”

Still, a more successful home for video than YouTube? We’ll believe it when we see it.

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