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WPP named World's Most Effective Holding Company

Effie Worldwide today announced that WPP has topped the Global Effie Index as the World’s Most Effective Holding Company. Thanks to the consistent achievements of WPP companies, this is the fourth time in a row. This “unprecedented success”, commented Effie Worldwide President/CEO Neal Davies, “sends a clear message to the worldwide business community about creating ideas that work.”

Sir Martin Sorrell, founder and CEO of WPP, said: “Some people talk about the importance of effectiveness to the marketing services industry. That’s like saying goals are important to football, or speed is important to Formula One. It’s not merely important – it’s the point of what we do. Strategy, data, insights and, of course, outstanding creativity are the ingredients WPP agencies use to deliver their mission: results for clients. Or, to put it another way, creative effectiveness.”

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