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World peace and foosball

Peace-2“Everything I know about morality and the obligations of men, I owe it to football.” – Albert Camus

The world stage was transformed into a foosball table over the weekend, showcasing the importance of cooperation (and yes, sportsmanship) in international affairs.

On Sunday 21st September, millions of people took part in the International Day of Peace, a 24 hour period calling for cease fire around the world. In 2013, through the efforts of non-profit Peace One Day, over 470 million people in 200 countries were involved – but awareness of this international event remained critically low in China. To change that this year, Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai launched a new campaign, entitled ‘Shoot Goals, Not Guns’.

The challenge was to capture people’s attention and ignite conversations. And how better to do that, than to place tiny replicas of world leaders such as Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin, on a football table in lieu of the regular figurines? Seeing the men and women responsible for an entire planet, symbolically playing on a single pitch, was the key intended takeaway.

The foosball table was transported to a number of public places all over Shanghai, from high football areas like Bund, to smaller, quieter locations, where passers-by were encouraged to stop and play. This led to widespread discussion online, not just about the table itself but about Peace One Day and its larger goals.

“The International Day of Peace is about stopping violence on all scales, from common schoolyard bullying to the grand scale tragedies ruining lives of millions,” says Ogilvy China’s CCO Graham Fink. “Shoot Goals, Not Guns is our small way to spark dialogue in China about universal peace and hopefully sow seeds for greater, positive change.”


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