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What we know about the Amazon phone

There’s nothing the tech world loves more than a bit of gossip, and the latest subject of wild speculation is Amazon’s upcoming smartphone release. After months of wondering whether there was actually going to be any smartphone at all, BGR has released what it claims to be an exclusive photo of the Amazon phone. Here’s what we (99%) know to be true:

You control it with a tilt, not with buttons

With just three buttons on the side (for volume and power), the handset is designed to respond to movement instead of touch. For example; tilting the phone to the side while composing a message will allow you to select and attach a photo. Which seems like a marvellous idea at first; just think, unsightly smudges on your screen may soon be a thing of the past.

But there will obviously be a gap in the quality of tilting functionality when it comes to Amazon’s native features (like the Kindle app, of course) and third party apps. “Tilting already seems like a crucial component of Amazon’s phone experience,” writes Engadget’s Chris Velazco. “Is the company going to coax other app developers into baking tilt support into their software as well?”

It can produce 3D images without glasses

The device features no less than six cameras; the standard front and rear facing ones, and then four more to track the user’s eyes. According to Scott Webster at CNET, “the phone will constantly adjust the positions of images on the display, creating a 3D-like effect.” The phone will supposedly be able to produce 3D images “similar to a hologram” and “automatically zoom into images as it moves closer to the user’s face.” (Wall Street Journal)

It will hit the market in September

“Amazon has reportedly been showing a version of the phone to developers in San Francisco and Seattle and is plotting a late June debut for the handset,” says Michelle Fitzsimmons at Tech Radar, with shipping slated for late September. Yes, that’s right – if the reports are to be believed, Amazon intends to launch its new phone on the consumer market during that special early autumn window where Apple traditionally unveils the new iPhone. Bold!

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