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Visit a gingerbread bank this Christmas

Have you ever wondered how much the assorted gifts in the song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ would actually cost? Each year, banking group PNC publishes a festive report which calculates exactly what the grand total would be, depending on the market. This year, those gold rings and other eclectic presents would come to $34,130.99.

To promote the release of the Christmas Price Index 2015 and the seasonal spirit that accompanies it, Deutsch constructed a fully functional PNC branch out of gingerbread. Customers in Philadelphia can actually visit the branch and be served, while people further afield can take a virtual tour.

“It’s the kind of thing you imagine being able to do as a kid but never have the ability to do,” says Jeremy Bernstein, EVP Group Creative Director at Deutsch, who has worked on the Christmas Price Index for the last seven years.

Traditionally the brief has been digital, but this year Bernstein and his team decided to bring the magic offline. “From a design perspective, it’s not every day that you can design something that you can stand in and touch and feel,” says Deutsch designer Lynne Yun. “We’re so used to designing in a digital world.”

It took 4 days and 5,000 pounds of gingerbread to create the 12-foot tall structure. To ensure that their creation said “bank” and not “witch’s house”, designers drew inspiration from Art Deco buildings such as Rockefeller Centre and the Chrysler Building.

The one downside? The gingerbread is not edible, as it had to be weather-proofed.

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