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Very British problems

A London-based production company has optioned the rights of Twitter account Very British Problems (@SoVeryBritish), with a view to turning it into a television show.

The account, which has close to 900,000 followers including celebrities such as Ricky Gervais and Stephen Fry, has gained a global following for mocking everyday British dilemmas and worries such as apologising profusely for allowing your foot to be trodden on or accidentally touching a fellow commuter’s hand and recoiling as if bitten by an adder.

The account has already spawned a book entitled Very British Problems: Making life awkward for ourselves one rainy day at a time.

Creative Director of Alaska TV, Ian Lamarra told the Royal Television Society: “What we’re doing is essentially a visual Twitter. If you’re going to option anything that’s already popular, don’t muck around with it too much.”

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