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Tumblr fosters mobile creativity

The new iOS version of the Tumblr includes a series of updates and new features which users have been requesting for a while now, such as the ability to filter searches, complete blog submissions, create secondary blogs, and view trending topics via a notification widget.

Two new functions which will be particularly welcome among the blogging platform’s passionate fan base are the ability to create video posts by simply copy and pasting a video link, and GIFs which “now load in a much more pleasing fashion.” Fans have been begging for both of these, and Tumblr is nothing if not a place where fans get what they want.

It’s no secret that teens think mobile-first when it comes to content consumption, and the same is rapidly becoming true of content creation. What all these new features essentially boil down to is Tumblr giving its users the freedom to produce a wider, richer range of content on their phones.

It’s a smart move. It has become apparent that there is a critical digital skills gap in the advertising and media industries, and one popular suggestion for addressing that is to embrace the younger generation of creators who see mobile and digital as an everyday canvas, rather than as obstacles. As Livity chairman Sam Conniff said during the Talent Revolution panel at Advertising Week Europe: “With young people, you don’t even need to use the word digital.”

Maxus is just one such agency to implement digitally-savvy leadership, having recently brought in Glynn Honey to helm its Malaysian office. Honey isn’t exactly a young upstart; he moved to Maxus from M&C Saatchi, where he was the head of digital. But this focus on the right skills and attitude is indicative of broader sector change. Who knows – maybe the next big hire at McGarryBowen or Saatchi & Saatchi will be a teenage genius with a penchant for sharing Sherlock GIFs on Tumblr.


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