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The World's most creative place to live

Japan has earned the title of most creative country globally, ahead of the US who came second according to Adobe’s “State of Create 2016” report.screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-5-00-06-pm

The Japanese capital also secured the title of the world’s most creative city. 26% of people rated Tokyo as first, ahead of New York (23%).  These were followed by cities who you might have thought would be more renowned for innovation – Paris (14%), London (10%), Los Angeles (7%), San Francisco (7%), Berlin (7%) and others (5%).

The ranking is based on research involving more than 5,000 adults across five countries (US, UK, France, Germany and Japan) in late September 2016.


The survey also found that investing in creativity pays off with real tangible benefits, from greater national competitiveness and productivity to higher income levels. People who described themselves as creators tended to earn 13% more than non-creators.

Creativity was felt to be valuable to both society as a whole (70%) and to the economy (64%). More than two thirds of respondents believe that being creative makes people better workers, leaders, parents and students.

But only 41% describe themselves as creative, and only 31% felt that they were living up to their creative potential, which leaves a whopping 69% believing that they are not!

Businesses benefit from investing in creativity; those that do are more likely to increase employee productivity (78%) and have happier employees (76%). Perhaps a more compelling reason is that it does actually make financial sense as it impacts profits! Businesses investing in creativity provide a better customer experience (78%), have more satisfied customers (80%), are more competitive (79%), and are financially successful (73%).

But, 77% feel that there is increasing pressure to be productive rather than creative at work, despite 56% of people asserting that they are increasingly expected to think creatively at work.

“An investment in creativity and design is simply good business,” says Mala Sharma, Adobe’s VP and GM of Creative Cloud. “Creativity and productivity go hand in hand, but investing in creativity isn’t on the agenda for enough of today’s leaders. This survey provides a wake-up call to businesses that they need to think differently and give employees the tools and freedom to be creative”.

The question you need to ask yourself is; what are you doing, and is it enough?

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