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The video app revolution is just beginning

It’s old news by now that video apps are big business, with game-changers like Vine and MixBit showing us just what can be achieved in the medium. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, video is the canvas of choice for two new mobile apps: Vello and Trance.


E-cards may be on the verge of becoming overplayed (find me a Facebook timeline that isn’t saturated with them and I’ll show you a user with no friends), but a new greeting card company is hoping to leverage the current popularity of video into a win.
Vello borrows from Vine, Instagram and Snapchat in that it lets users record short video messages of up to six seconds – what makes it special, though, is that well wishes from numerous contributors can be strung together in a watchable email link, meaning you can receive personalised messages from each member of your family, or everybody in the office, all in one place.

Vello’s monetisation plans include a gift certificate option; users can include a gift card along with the video.

Unveiled at Hackathon SF, Trance is a video platform especially for dancers. While YouTube has proven an excellent channel for showcasing a variety of performing talent, developers Marwa Muhammad and Harper LaFave felt that an app for a dance-focused audience had potential.

Tranceusers can create and share minute long video clips; it is the co-founders’ hope that it will help dancers to build a following and enable fans to follow their favourite artists and keep up to date with unique new styles and performances.

The shape of things to come?

The respective releases of Vello and Trance couldn’t have been timed any better. As companies strive to create and curate increasingly engaging and unconventional content, video-centric platforms are certain to play a more prominent role.

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