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The Phablet Effect

Size matters.

Perhaps I should clarify; the size of your phone matters. A new study from Pocket has revealed that the size of a smartphone screen has a direct impact on content consumption habits. The overall takeaway? The bigger the phone, the more content people consume – particularly video.

This is far from paradigm-shifting news. After all, “mobile first” thinking has been the norm for a while now, and it makes perfect sense that a larger screen gives users a better reading or viewing experience. More than anything else, this is just further proof that companies who aren’t currently thinking mobile first should be giving it some serious consideration.

The survey also found that if you own a phablet, you are less likely to take your tablet with you when you’re out and about: “Users with an iPhone 6 Plus now view 67% more content on their phone than those with a 5/5S. Those with an iPhone 6 view 35% more. Either way, you can rely more on your phone-on-the-go, and leave the iPad at home.”

Cumbersome as they may be, larger-screened devices are no longer a curiosity. Even Apple, that bastion of sleek and elegant design, has entered the phablet market with the iPhone 6 Plus, meaning it might finally be able to compete with the likes of the Nexus, Note, and Galaxy.

“For all their amazing features, small-screen smartphones have never been quite as good for content consumption as tablets, PCs, or old fashioned dead trees,” says Pando Daily’s Michael Carney. “With device manufacturers seemingly settling on the 4.7- to 6-inch range as the perfect mobile device form factor for most users, many of these previous limitations are fading away. Thus, it’s never been more important for content creators to optimise their consumption experiences for mobile.”

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