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The next eCommerce platform

In April, Amazon released the FireTV, a digital-media platform designed to stream content to your television. The device looks and works just like an Apple TV or Roku and does nothing innovative in terms of functionality. But it may become the next eCommerce platform.

Imagine that as you’re streaming “Design Star” through your brand-new Amazon FireTV, a contestant is judged on his choice of table linen. The judge points at the magenta tabletop and says, “Brian, this is heavenly. Very well done!” You clap because that contestant has become your favorite. Then, suddenly, a bubble emerges on the lower right-hand corner of your television. As the judge continues to peruse the room and praise Brian’s style choices, the bubble transforms into a one-click link to that same magenta linen on Suddenly, your TV is speaking to you directly—saying, essentially, “Yes, doesn’t that table linen look great? Why don’t you buy one for yourself? You already synced your account when you activated the FireTV. It’s that easy.”

This feature could close the gap between consumer intent and a purchase. The buying process becomes seamless—and is also highly targeted and relevant to you. You love design, you’re always looking for ways to spice up your home, and here is the perfect addition.

For branded entertainment, the goal has always been to develop content that people want to experience, and telling a great story is often the top priority. In this case, the content is already there. The question is, how do we integrate brands in a way that strengthens that content and fits into what may be the next innovation in eCommerce?

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