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The 100 year ad campaign

You’ll have to wait a while to see the new product placement for Cognac brand Louis XIII. One hundred years, to be exact. The film, entitled 100 Years, was written by John Malkovich (who also stars), and directed by Robert Rodriguez, to commemorate the creation of a new cognac, which will not be ready for one hundred years. The film will be released to coincide with the product in 2115.

“Our cellar master is crafting Louis XIII today that will be ready in 2015,” global executive director Ludovic du Plessis stated at a press conference last week. “He will never see his baby. He is working on something for people who haven’t been born yet. This is impressive, and this is our source of inspiration. This was the creative source of inspiration for the movie 100 Years.”

“There is a bottle there,” says Rodriguez, “but it’s about John’s vision of the future.” Even Rodriguez himself has not seen the final cut, and is tight-lipped when it comes to revealing details of the plot. “It’s set today, it’s very elegant, it’s emotionally charged, and it’s John’s writing,” he says. “You have to touch people’s hearts if they’re going to show it in the future, so it has to be honest. The teasers are what we imagine the future would be to grab your attention. I’m proud of it, even though nobody I know will ever see it.”

Rodriguez is certainly qualified when it comes to grabbing audience’s attention; a number of his films have already achieved a degree of immortality as cult classics, including horror From Dusk ‘Till Dawn, action thriller Desperado, and comic noir Sin City. His films are bombastic creations, which wear their influences proudly on their sleeves; whether this approach will still engage or merely baffle viewers a century from now is anyone’s guess.

As it is highly unlikely that any of us will ever see the film or taste the brandy, we will have to make do with the trailer:

Will the ad, and the product it’s selling, be worth the wait? A baby born today might just live long enough to find the answer.

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