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Tesco’s virtual reality for more immersive shopping

A VR 3D concept showcased in Berlin details the future possibilities in retail and immersive content marketing.

The international retailer is directing more of its energies to innovating with technology to alter the customer experience; most recently it’s launched a virtual reality store concept.

Tesco teamed up with footballer Pele to create the Pele experience, showcased at the TCC International Marketing Forum, Berlin, demonstrating how brand partnerships and opportunities can be blended into an immersive customer experience with retail.

People put on the headwear and are taken inside the Tesco VR store, where they can virtually browse in 3D. At this stage that’s all people can do, the technology hasn’t been developed for people to pick up or even purchase products yet, but presumably this is where it’s heading.

As the video shows, the end of the simulation takes the wearer into a football stadium, hitting home the opportunities for corporate sponsorship too.

The technology was created by London creative agency Figure Digital. Its founder Ben Paterson had this to say; “We can now create 360-degree cinematic experiences and gamified interactive solutions that allow consumers to totally immerse themselves into a brand’s message.”

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