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Tell your story with Memloom

A new photo sharing service launched this week, but don’t give me that look just yet; this one promises to be a little different. Memloom is, according to its official website, “a digital platform that allows a person to preserve memories, tell stories and then organise and share them with others, safely, securely and in an intuitive way.” Described by Mashable as “somewhere in between blogging and photo-printing”, Memloom enables users to tell their personal stories through text, images, audio and video.

While modern consumers face no shortage of online channels through which to document every waking moment of their lives, Memloom’s CEO Alyssa Martina believes that what is lacking is an impactful way of expressing a photo’s context and meaning. “There are many, many opportunities to post pictures online,” she says, “but there are few ways to capture them and share what they really mean to us. Everybody has a story to tell – storytelling is woven into the fabric of our lives.”

Martina hopes that Memloom will help entire families share and curate content together, ensuring that the stories of older generations are not forgotten.  The result is akin to a family magazine – perhaps not surprising, considering Martina’s background in publishing (she previously founded both Metro Parent Magazine and BLAC Detroit).

Stories can be shared publicly or kept private, and further down the line Martina hopes to be able to offer the option to order a physical copy of these family albums. Memloom is free to use, with a limit on the amount of content that can be stored and shared (a premium subscription will unlock additional space). Early feedback is hugely encouraging, says Martina: “People have said there’s nothing like this right now.”

But with new social networks, blogging platforms and visually-based apps popping up left, right and centre, the question remains; is Memloom really unique enough to justify a place in an already saturated market? Last year saw the launch of two similar properties; the Disney-owned photo and video sharing app Story, and the private family network Hubble. Memloom might be looking at a bumpy road in 2014; right now, Martina’s credentials and expertise as a serial entrepreneur are its main assets.


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