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Representation of women in reggaeton

Is reggaeton perpetuating the macho culture in Latin America?

reggaeton-(1)_ogilvydoReggaeton—a mix of reggae and hip-hop—is one of the most popular rhythms in Latin America, especially among young people, who are mindlessly and frenetically dancing to these tunes, the lyrics of which are sometimes extremely degrading to women.

Concerned by this, a group of Colombian photographers created a campaign aiming to stop misogynistic music in a macho culture. To raise consciousness, they used the tagline “use your reason, don’t let music degrade your condition” and some powerful images depicting literal representations of what some of these reggaeton anthems say.

The representation of women in reggaeton music continues to be a rather overlooked issue in a continent that—despite having one of the highest number of female politicians—still struggles with an alarming amount of gender-based violence.




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