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Recipe for a successful Vine

Take a witty character, occasionally add a fellow Viner, append some slapstick humor, mix and you win over the audience.

In less than a year Vine managed to create a highly engaged online subculture with its own cast of stars, the “Viners”. Although the platform will increasingly attract professional content makers and stars, so far most popular Viners are typically not established celebrities. In a format that still hasn’t clearly defined its codes and genres, their fame is a direct reward for their creativity and ability to surprise their audience.

For example, KC James writes, produces and stars in his own mini-comedy episodes, which generally feature his friends as “extras”. His somewhat goofy humor attracts over 2.9 million followers and rumor has it that he is currently working on his own TV show as a direct result of his Vine popularity.

Another success story is Frenchman Jerome Jarre, whose sharp sense of provocation was spotted by one of America’s most popular TV hosts, Ellen DeGeneres. This July, she even invited him to tell his story on stage and create a series of Vine videos exclusively for the show. Followed by over 3.7 million users, Jerome’s recipe involves well-spirited interactions with random strangers that would put anyone out of his or her comfort zone.

Successful Vine

Still ahead of most Viners, however, is Brittany Furlan, who joined Vine right at the beginning and now boasts over 4 million followers. Famous for her “Puuuhfect” tagline, Brittany’s content strategy is simple: portrait daily life clichés with a portion of candidness and absolutely no taboos.

Looking at popular Viners tells us that the key ingredients for success include humourous takes from Viners’ personal lives, preferably ones that are capable to surprise their audience. Add in a little WTF creativity and bring other Viners to do cameos, and you are on the right track to success. As a matter of fact, Vine’s community and collaboration between creators is central to Vine etiquette, meaning that co-staring in each other’s content and re-vining (i.e. cross-promoting) content amongst their peers is a key driver to spread the word.

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