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Playboy’s indecent proposal

Low birth rates and ageing population is a recurring problem in Far East Asian countries and Playboy seems to have a solution to it.

Mental readiness of couples along with altered lifestyles is the chief hindrance that no financial perks can alter.  Certain countries like Singapore, Japan and Korea have been dipping their birth rates below the required 2.1 that’s needed to sustain a native population. This means that there are fewer young people to support the older generation and more foreigners are needed to sustain the economy.

Lanny Huang , Playboy Asia’s long time boss seems to have a solution to this: A need for adult shows for couples. “Look at the demographic trends,” she said. “In some countries with a falling birth rate, governments could find a serious use for Desire TV.”

Desire TV’s sister channel, Playboy TV, only broadcasts in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Mongolia. Huang said of Desire TV content: “It’s romantic as well as erotic, and is less likely to offend female viewers.”

Playboy’s strategy is to enter markets in Asia via its Lifestyle TV brand that soft-launched earlier this year with content that won’t make the censors blush.

Will this solution trump pro-natal policies taken by the concerned governments? We’ll have to wait and watch……

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