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NowThis News partners with NBC

The NBC Universal News Group announced in a press release on Sunday that it will be collaborating with media start-up NowThis News on an upcoming series of digital news segments. NowThis News is the first news outlet dedicated to producing solely short form, online video content, which has made it a hit on Vine and Instagram.

Patricia Fili-Krushel, chairman of the NBC Universal News Group, described the shareability and social nature of NowThis News as motivating factors behind this new partnership: “We know that news consumption among younger audiences continues to grow, but in order to reach that audience, we need to continue to create video for the platforms they use most. NowThis News does exactly that – delivering relevant news stories for the mobile and social platforms that resonate with this audience.”

NowThis News has consistently demonstrated remarkable adeptness at embracing the quirks and mores of its medium to foster greater levels of engagement; the NowThis News Vine channel often utilises stop-motion animation to compress news stories into the bare essentials, in a way that is visually engaging. And last year saw the beginning of a number of ad hoc video reports by Vine “celebrities” such as Robby Ayala, Marcus Johns and Alx James on a range of subject matter, including sport, music, and politics. These six second reports precipitated a significant spike in likes and revines for NowThis News, thanks to these personalities’ established fan bases.

The new content being cooked up by NBC and NowThis News will include “mashups”, covering daily news across politics, business and current events, and “explainers”, which will provide a more detailed breakdown of on-going issues. These will go out across channels such as Today, MSNBC, NBC News and CNBC.

According to the press release, the NBC Universal News Group sees this new relationship as an investment for the future. “As more people consume news and information on mobile and social media, this collaboration will capitalise on the News Group’s world-class news operations and NowThis News’s approach to original, short-form storytelling to reach the next generation of users.”

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