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Motion-enabled ads for all advertisers

Adtile, the Californian-based mobile ad start-up, has just received $4.5 million in Series A funding, and is using the money to bring its “app-store style” approach to mobile adverts.

The company specialises in creating bespoke motion-activated mobile ads, Motion Ads format, which use smartphones’ features like the gyroscope to encourage interaction.

Covering the investment, reports cite an example of a coffee brand asking people to shake their phone to empty a virtual coffee cup to reveal nearby store locations.

While these types of ads are still in their infancy and complicated to implement, Adtile has said that it will be using its investment to create pre-designed and pre-coded Motion Ads for advertisers to overlay their own design and assets into existing format templates, making the process much more streamline.

CEO Nils Forsblom says; “Instead of spending a lot of money and time on developing new HTML5 sensor enabled ads, they can simply get them from the store. Adtile has created very specific human interface design and developer guidelines for quality and constraint purposes.” The company will also be expanding its business through North and South America and Europe.

Finding the correct balance of interaction with smartphone users without too much invasion still proves a challenge for brands, the hope is that these interactive formats will encourage more experimentation and, in theory, innovation can flourish.

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