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Molotov is defining the future of TV

For the smartphone generation, the idea that you have to sit in front of the TV at a very specific time to watch something is archaic and unconceivable.

And yet, I’ve been using Molotov for three months, and I can clearly say that the startup represents the future of TV.

Molotov is what Apple has been trying to build in the U.S. for months, or even years. But so far, Apple has yet to sign deals with all the major U.S. networks. It looks like the networks are still reluctant and want to build standalone services, leading to a giant fragmentation of TV content.

But the truth is out there, literally. French startup Molotov has been quietly working for more than two years on a seamless, flexible and universal TV service that lets you watch content at your own pace on all your devices — as long as you live in France.

“Molotov isn’t television, and it isn’t Netflix,” Molotov co-founder and CEO Jean-David Blanc told me. “It’s like TV, but we reinvented it.”

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