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Mobile Moments And Mobilising The Enterprise
Mobilising the enterprise

A lot of people talk about “mobile marketing” and “mobile advertising”, as the next big trends coming down the proverbial hosepipe but I’m not sure these are the right terms to describe the opportunity. We need to rethink the language we use when we talk about mobile. The key opportunity for mobile is for it to solve problems and make experiences that have simply never been within reach of brands before – solutions and experiences that are uniquely mobile. The better we understand the unique aspects, the more value we can deliver from mobile.

The magic of mobile relates to our potential to use it to reach consumers, and customers at very specific “moments”, modes and mindsets. A well-crafted message delivered to someone seconds after they have made a purchase, or sent to coincide with the expected landing time of their plane, or their departure from a hotel can be so personal and embedded in the present experience that it can leave a resounding impact. Mobile messaging can also deliver some interesting business opportunities through improved yield management – delivering a timely, relevant offer to people looking for hotel reservations- “ripe avocados”- or seeking the additional legroom that a seat in a plane that is not fully booked. How could a well-crafted SMS the day before a long haul flight tempt someone to go for a quick upgrade? If it was sent a week before people would still be employing a more rational form of decision making such as “cost”, versus the state of mind closer to the departure will be more governed by the “fear” factor of utter exhaustion which only kicks-in the day before the flight. Learning how to identify those target “moments” can unlock significant customer value.

Some mobile communications are interesting because they can be more genuine than “social” marketing, because it is personal. Of course brands need to have a social persona, but there can be something quite contrived about messaging crafted for the spotlight of an audience. Crafting mobile messages and services for specific moments however, is personal. It is about the delivery of service; about the apprehension of need, and about the extension of the brand to be accessed by their customer whenever they need to. It gives brands a chance to promote, pre-empt converse, enquire and respond their customers’ emotions.

Mobilising the Enterprise goes far beyond advertising and marketing – like socialising the enterprise – it challenges brand’s emotional intelligence and rewards those that can understand both the rational and the emotional world from the point of view of their customers and deliver them extraordinary communications and services crafted for special moments.

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