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MixBit may be the coolest video app yet

Step aside, Vine. While it’s true that your six second videos have brought us comedy, cats and the cutest love story ever, a new iPhone app from the co-founders of YouTube might just have you beat.

It’s called MixBit, and it’s the brainchild of Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. What sets it apart from Vine and Instagram, I hear you ask? Well, MixBit not only lets users record, edit and share videos, but it also enables you to mix different video clips together, including content from other users. Individual clips can be up to 16 seconds long, and you can mash as many as you like together, to create videos lasting an hour.

Chen and Hurley, who left YouTube back in 2010, told Mashable that their aim is to foster collaboration and creativity, not self-promotion, which is why MixBit doesn’t include profiles or follower counts. “We built YouTube to solve distribution, to give us a way to share video with family and friends… Then we wanted to find ways for people to create better content, but we were never able to apply that while we were there.” Referring to the resources that YouTube has invested in its top creators, Hurley added: “We’re more interested in helping everyone, not a select group.”

Content creators will retain the rights to the videos they produce and post to MixBit, but while the content is live, it is available for any other users (including brands) to curate and modify as they see fit. Which provides the potential for a space where brands can tell more compelling, user-centric stories than ever before.

Developed by Hurley and Chen’s company AVOS Systems, which is also behind bookmarking application Delicious, MixBit is free in the iTunes store. And fear not: an Android version is due next month.

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