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McDonald’s goes virtual with “Happy Goggles”

McDonald’s Sweden is launching “Happy Goggles”, a do-it-yourself virtual reality headset made from one of its Happy Meal boxes.


In a limited edition promotion to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Happy Meal in Sweden, 3,500 headsets will be available to purchase in seven stores in Sweden between 11 am and 3 pm on Saturday March 4th and in eleven stores on March 12th only!

The promotion ties in to “Sportlov”, a traditional Swedish one-week school break that encourages families to go on ski trips, with the addition of a VR skiing game “Slope Stars”. The game offers a 360° ski experience with the underlying purpose of educating users on how to stay safe on the ski slopes, and is endorsed by the National Ski Team. The game is available in both English and Swedish, perhaps heralding things to come.

Inspired by Google Cardboard and developed in conjunction with two child psychologists, the empty box (presumably once the burger and fries have been consumed) is taken apart and refolded and a set of included VR lenses is then added. A compatible smartphone with the downloaded app is then inserted. The only obvious downside being the smell of stale fries whilst playing!

Sweden is the first country to transform the Happy Meal box into VR Goggles, claiming that that this is the “first trial run globally” with the obvious implication that if a success other countries may follow.

McDonald’s Sweden is proving to be inventive and fast becoming a testing ground for McDonald’s globally, as their VR first is added to their first of Big Mac emblazoned clothing and homeware launched this time last year.

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For only $4.10 (including your choice of food), “Happy Goggles” represent an inexpensive foray into the world of VR, joining Google Cardboard and Mattel’s repurposed View-Master®. Who or what is next?

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