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Let’s sponsor with Pride

It’s no longer just sports that are getting sponsorship from brands. Increasingly brands are looking for other events – music festivals, fashion shows and winter parades – to engage consumers and gain brand awareness.

LGBT Pride Events are no exception, and brands are using these events as a marketing opportunity. Major cities, such as Tel Aviv, Barcelona, New York and London, host annual LGBT Pride Events. These events attract millions of people, boosting local economies. Gaining the respect of LGBT consumers can prove invaluable to position your brand as supportive of equality.

With nearly 1 in 16 people across Britain are lesbian, gay or bisexual – this is a sizeable niche that is often overlooked in consumer marketing and staff recruitment. Gay consumers make up a powerful and lucrative consumer group, estimated to be worth £70-81 billion in Britain alone (Stonewall, Marketing to Gay Consumers Report: 2013).

Two major brand sponsors – Barclays for Pride in London and ANZ Bank for Sydney Mardi Gras are financial institutions that have recognised the benefit of engaging with the LGBT community and showed their support for equality.

The GAYTM campaign for ANZ bank was awarded the Grand Prix in the Outdoor Lion category, which had the most entries of any category in the competition. This top prize brings the total tally up to 7 Lions. The campaign saw ATMs transformed into fabulous GAYTMs to celebrate ANZ being Principal Partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

This year Barclays sponsored Pride in London with the campaign ‘#Freedom to make a statement’ – clever wordplay with association on bank statement. The hashtag was very popular on Twitter to engage LGBT consumers and attracted UK celebrities to be involved, including Graham Norton and Sinitta.


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