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Find love with Google

Google is our go-to when it comes to searching for just about everything, from unbiased restaurant reviews to obscure films and out of print books. Now, thanks to novel new start-up Loveflutter, Google’s algorithms may also hold the key to finding your one true love.

Powered by, Loveflutter uses data from Google’s Knowledge Graph to match-make based on peoples’ personal interests. The London-based dating company is the first to use this kind of interest-based matchmaking service.

Pairing people up based on their shared interests will, in theory, eliminate the awkward small talk that everyone dreads about the first date, as the potential lovebirds will start out with a number of things in common. Says co-founder Daigo Smith: “Loveflutter takes the nervousness out of online dating and helps people get on their first date…Using the interest graph as the matching foundation makes it easier to break the ice on your first date because you’ll have more to talk about.”

Signing up is straightforward, and, according to the promotional video, as a user you “can import all your interests straight from your Facebook profile”, or alternatively enter all of your details manually. Loveflutter then takes all of this information, creates a real time graph, and makes connections between users according to correlating keywords.

And once you’ve found someone who takes your fancy, Loveflutter even offers helpful suggestions on where to go on the all-important first date, using the Foursquare-integrated “Suggest-A-Date” feature.

Loveflutter is free to join, although the service itself is monetised; customers can choose between a “pay as you go” tariff and a premium monthly membership, which offers access to all features and unlimited messages. At the moment, Loveflutter is solely web-based, with plans in the works for a smartphone app.

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