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Facebook launches new teens app

Facebook just launched Lifestage, a 21-and-under social network created by a 19-year old product manager.

Facebook is absolutely dominating social media in terms of pure reach, with over 1.13 billion daily active users. Instagram alone has over 300 million daily active users and recently crossed the 500 million mark in people who use the service at least once a month. But Zuck’s anxieties aren’t about the big dog on the block – they’re reserved for the smart street mutt that might just jump out of an alley and grab the bone whilst no one’s looking.

Lifestage reveals FB looking beyond Snapchat, whose audience seems to be aging up, to younger companies with younger audiences, like And there’s an older competitor that has managed to reinvent itself for the U.S. youth market, too – Canada’s Kik, which claims a 40% usage rate among U.S. teens.

Excerpt from TechCrunch

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