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Enter Kim Kardashian’s world

There’s no getting away from Kim Kardashian. While we’ve come to expect to see her on our TV screens and on the covers of magazines, her latest platform, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, came a little out of left field. That’s right; Brand K now includes mobile gaming.

The aim of the game is to climb the social ladder of the celebrity world and become more famous – which, while addictive, also dovetails with our fascination with the lady herself. “’Hollywood’ brings to light a truth that many of us only begrudgingly admit,” says Amirah Mercer at “Kardashian is not a flash in the pan, a silly party staple or a mere reality star – she is one of the most important celebrity figures of our time and is the face of one of the most brilliantly savvy businesses out there. The business of Kim Kardashian.”

Meanwhile, Sonia Saraiya at The AV Club believes the venture has a satirical edge; “KKH is aware of the foibles of fame. They’re built right into the game’s design, with an underlying message that says: you know that thing Kim Kardashian has? It’s silly and achievable. And hard. But also pretty damn fun.” Regardless of whether the game is slyly self-aware or not, it’s a hit. It gets around 100,000 new downloads every day, and while free, offers players a wide range of in-app purchases, helping your Hollywood avatar keep up their energy levels to attend that A-list party or jet off to Miami.

Considering Kim’s ubiquity, it was only a matter of time before she made her debut in the highly lucrative gaming app space. According to Claudia Oropeza at Glu Mobile, Kim Kardashian and mobile gaming are “the best brand fit in the world”. The app is Glu’s first partnership with a celebrity, and they are already enjoying the benefits; shares in the company have risen by nearly 40% since the game launched. “We now expect to generate more revenue in the second half of 2014 than we did for the entirety of 2013,” says CEO Niccolo de Masi.

While Glu are aware that enthusiasm for the game is likely to wane once the novelty wears off, they are already planning updates that will broaden the virtual world of the game and mirror events in Kim’s life. “It is a narrative, and it can be extended infinitely,” says de Masi. “There will be a lot of opportunities to work with Kim to expand her brand and awareness… Ultimately, she’s just getting started.”

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