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Coca-Cola launches ‘selfie bottle’

Selfie lovers are in seventh heaven as Coca-Cola Israel launches a ‘selfie bottle’ which takes your picture every time you take a drink!

Created for the Coca-Cola “Summer Love” campaign, Israel’s largest brand outdoor event, the resulting selfies are shared automatically on social media, making it possible for people to capture countless special moments without having to stop and snap.

The 0.5L bottles have a plastic camera fixed to their base, and uses sensors to automatically take a photo whenever it’s tilted to 70 degrees — apparently the perfect angle for taking a long refreshing swig. The resulting mid-drink photos are automatically uploaded to the drinker’s Snapchat account and then shared on Coke’s Israeli Facebook page and Instagram account.


This may or may not be a great idea, depending on your view of selfie sticks and even selfies. But, researchers from the University of California in a recent study established that regularly taking selfies and sharing the images with friends boosted people’s mood and made them happier. A selfie a day was found to improve confidence, and make people more comfortable with themselves!

Coke isn’t the first company to launch selfie hardware. Last year Cinnamon Toast Crunch had a similar selfie campaign when they gave away free ‘selfie spoons’. These were selfie sticks with spoons attached, thus allowing a photo to be snapped whilst eating your breakfast.

Coke’s selfie bottle proved to be a big hit according to Gefen Team, the agency who designed it: “It really did the trick and made the partygoers more present and active during the event, knowing they could share their special moments just by drinking. This way, the participants could capture and share their moment without pausing the fun, so drinking Coca-Cola really does make every moment special.”

A more than appropriate fit to the global ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign launched earlier this year, which focuses on the idea that drinking Coca-Cola is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special.

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