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Burberry and WeChat

Fashion shows in London, Paris, New York and Milan have shone the spotlights on fashion brands when it comes to innovations in mobile, with players like Topshop and Burberry showing themselves to be worlds ahead of other brands.

This year was no different at London Fashion Week, when Burberry announced its innovation partnership with Chinese social messaging platform WeChat, a move that sees it expanding its reach in the APAC region and making a push forward in connecting people via mobile.

Followers of Burberry on WeChat were able to receive live updates from London Fashion Week’s AW14 Womenswear show. By responding to messages sent by Burberry, users could receive personalised digital versions of their favourite items.

VIP footage and content from the show was also accessible, with videos, images and audio tracks from the point of view of two front row celebrities, including Chinese actress Angelababy.

WeChat has global reach but is most used, and originated, in China, making it the perfect platform for people to engage in live events taking place in other countries.

According to research from Way To Blue, Burberry was also the brand that was most tweeted about, and notched up the highest Share of Voice when it came to Intent to Buy, with 54% of social mentions about Burberry highlighting a wish to purchase the particular product.

Meanwhile, Topshop secured half the social mentions that Burberry amassed (3,784), and only 27% of these detailed an Intent to Buy, despite, or perhaps because of, Topshop’s standing as more affordable clothing.

Burberry and Wechat

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