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Adventures in Vining

When Vine made its debut, most people didn’t really know what to make of it. A touch-to-film app with a six second time limit seemed incredibly restrictive – but as this confusion kept many from adopting the app, a smaller community of artists and performers used it to build hugely loyal fanbases. Now, everybody wants a piece of the Vine action, but genuine engagement belongs to the early birds who were there from the start. You’ve got your Brittany Furlans, your Rudy Mancusos, your Jerome Jarres… and then there’s everyone else.

These success stories (and their monopoly over Vine) mean that newbies need to find even more creative ways to tell stories and capture viewers’ imaginations. Ian Padgham did just that by launching a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ tale on the platform; each six second video segment moves the story along, and is accompanied by a short paragraph with links to two separate options.

“I used to love those books as a kid,” says Padgham, who has previously worked as a video producer at Twitter. “It’s not really about reaching the end; it’s about finding all the ridiculous ways you can go wrong, and all the things that can happen.” And Viners seem to love it. For this year’s Star Wars Day, Padgham was asked to create a special Advineture for the official Star Wars Vine account, entitled ‘Revine of the Jedi’.

Ultimately, Padgham believes that Vine’s simplicity, which prevented so many marketers and artists from getting to grips with it sooner, is part of what makes it so great. “Vine is the video version of a cocktail napkin at a bar,” he says. “It’s just a really simple great support you can toss ideas into, and you don’t get so caught up with the editing tools, the platform itself. It’s all about the idea and doing something fun.”

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