Force For Good
Project Silverline

Client: Singtel
Office: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

Today, smart phones have practically evolved to act as an extension of ourselves. But Singapore has a growing elderly population who don’t have access to this technology due to a lack of know-how or financial reasons. Project Silverline is a CSR initiative by Singapore’s largest telco, where used iPhones can enrich the lives of the seniors and connect them back to the community.

8% of the Singapore population is above the age of 60 with this figure projected to increase to 19% by 2030. But whilst there are more senior citizens now than ever, increasingly depression and loneliness are prevalent. In fact, social isolation has been described as ‘the hidden killer’, causing serious health problems.

Five Silverline apps were developed to enhance the social, emotional and physical needs of Singapore’s elderly population. These apps enable users to connect with their care givers and loved ones, take care of their health and discover new experiences every day.

The project was well received by the community, earning extensive free coverage. Social sentiment was on an all-time high on the Singtel Facebook page, and most importantly, over 1,000 seniors from senior community groups were reconnected back to the community through refurnished phones.

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