Force For Good
Happiness From The Skies

Client: Coca-Cola
Office: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

The skies were filled with red boxes of happiness as remote-controlled #CokeDrones took flight, dropping off refreshment and words of encouragement to more than 2500 guest workers around Singapore. The project, conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather Singapore (O&M) for Coca-Cola Singapore and supported by non-profit organization Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), delivered thousands of cans of ice cold Coke, along with genuine messages of gratitude, to workers at high-rise construction sites around the country, providing a refreshing break, lifting spirits and bringing cheer to appreciative recipients.

Themed “Happiness from the Skies,” the project sought to build much needed bridges between Singaporeans and the city-state’s 1.3 million-strong guest worker population that comprises about one third of the country’s entire workforce.

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