Force For Good
Ogilvy APAC's Force For Good Initiative

As the largest Agency in the Asia Pacific region, we have a huge opportunity and responsibility to influence millions of people in a positive way through our work. We do this every day for our clients, and we support NGOs and charities pro-bono to promote their worthy causes. But, there is more we can do.

Many of our offices are already producing award-winning work to help local organisations raise awareness for the great work that they do. This will continue, but we want to try and get more people involved in this work and ensure it’s presented on a united front.

This is why we’ve launched #FORCEFORGOOD, and the premise is simple – to get our people to put forward causes close to their heart or great ideas that will make the world a better place – and then get to it!

This initiative is the starting point for us to show that we are not just here to talk about being good, we are here to do good in the places in which we do business.

The power of change comes from within, and we look forward to posting more work here as it becomes available.

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