Force For Good
Don't Look Away

Client: ORBIS
Office: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong

Imagine that you’re blind, but you have the opportunity to undergo surgery to restore your vision. Although more than 39 million people worldwide are candidates for this surgery, many simply can’t afford it.

That’s why Orbis, a nonprofit organization that works to prevent and treat blindness, started the “Don’t Look Away” campaign. Visitors to the campaign site watch a video through the eyes of a child who has just had the life-changing surgery. As the doctor unwraps the eye bandages, the patient sees his or her mother for the first time.

The campaign site uses HTML5 to operate the video and WebRTC to manage the webcam, which can detect a user’s eyes and face. When the person looks away from the computer, the film goes dark. Users are urged to share the experience through their social media channels.

The campaign received more than 95K views in the first four weeks, and its donations covered the cost of 14,000 eye operations to cure blindness.

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