Force For Good
8 Minute Animals

Client: WWF-TRAFFIC China
Office: Ogilvy & Mather China

The UN Environment Program reports that every 8 minutes a wildlife species disappears from the world. This rapid rate of extinction is shocking. Illicit demand for wildlife products was also accelerating the extinction rate – especially for tigers, rhinos and elephants. WWF-TRAFFIC wanted to draw attention to these vanishing species in China, a country not know for wildlife conservation. The goal was to persuade the authorities to commit stronger action against the illegal wildlife trade.

The water paintings of animals was relevant because they would evaporate in around 8-minutes under the sun. Much like the real animals that are rapidly disappearing around the world.

The campaign launched on 7 September 2013. Six days later on 13 September, the China State Forestry Administration met with WWF-TRAFFIC in Beijing and said the “8 Minute Animals” captured their attention and that they would table stronger actions and countermeasures.


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