Facebook is HUGE!

F8 is one of the most anticipated conferences each year as Facebook dispels speculations by showing products in the works and laying out their plans for the future. And while the plans discussed are often focused on the short term, this year’s event gave us a glimpse at what we can expect from the mega platform over the next decade.

In a webinar this week, Thomas Crampton, Global Managing Director of [email protected], and Peter Fasano, Global Consulting Partner at Ogilvy New York, covered key takeaways from the conference and the implications for brands and our industry.

Here’s a quick summary of the three things you need to know. For a deeper dive on each, watch the full webinar and download a copy of the deck below:

  1. Facebook Messenger: Facebook is putting further weight into messenger. The future of messenger looks a lot more like China’s WeChat in terms of becoming a customer service channel. If successful, the messenger focus may displace many apps. Facebook also announced a streamlined system for companies to create bots to engage customers at scale.
  1. Live Video: While Facebook has had live video for a while, Mr. Zuckerberg and the senior team have reviewed the engagement rates and realised they are through the roof! Live video has much more engagement and holding power than video played later.
  1. Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality (VR) is not about experiencing walking around streets, it’s not about dropping into an action shot and having your stomach dropping out, it’s not about seeing dinosaurs up close and personal. These are all remarkable experiences, but Facebook’s vision for VR, as Mark Zuckerberg put it, is that “VR has the potential to be the most social platform, because you feel you’re right there with another person.”

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