Dollars And Sense Of Mobile Connectivity

Will the internet ever be free?

What is stopping the world from being truly connected?

Could brands help solve these challenges?


These are just a few of the questions in the ongoing debate on global connectivity, and the key points addressed by Martin Lange, Global Consulting Partner at OgilvyRED NYC, during a webinar this week.

We’re moving towards a more connected world, with a projected 1 billion connected people and 50 billion devices by 2020. While this type of growth creates pressures on the supply side, the potential benefits for consumers, brands, and the economy far outweigh any concerns when we consider findings such as “increasing the internet connectivity by 10% in a country increases the GDP by up to 1.4%,” (Source: Global Connectivity Index) and “some of the world’s top corporations could become 10% more profitable by 2025, if they use IoT products and solutions intensively” (Source: State of the Market: IoT 2015).

In the webinar, Martin dives into how brands can partner to evolve the connectivity ecosystem as he addresses:

  • How the world is becoming increasingly connected
  • Costs of connectivity
  • Opportunities and challenges for brands and carriers to collaborate

View a recording of the session here and download a copy of the deck below:


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