Deep Social: The Next Phase Of Social Media

Over the past few years, social media has changed. A lot. People are more connected. Platforms are more varied. Tools are more sophisticated. Content is more filtered. Bottom line: doing what you’ve always done isn’t going to work.

With these shifting dynamics, brands are challenged now more than ever before to break through, leaving them looking for answers to questions like:

How do I maintain RELEVANCE and RESONANCE at the pace of culture?

How do I EXCITE potential customers in the era of distraction?

How do I ENGAGE and BOND with customers spoiled for choice and holding little loyalty?

In the latest session of our Social On Us webinar series, I introduce our new POV on social media, called Deep Social. Deep Social is an approach to social that keeps brands on pace with the changing environment, moving from being marketers to publishers, helping to transform superficial content into great stories and experiences, and shifting from aimless connections to meaningful conversations.

So how do you assess your social practice and start down the road to Deep Social?

View a recording of the session here and download a copy of the deck below to learn more:

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