Brexit And The Implications For Brands

No political question has captivated businesses in the same way as the British referendum on European Union membership (aka Brexit).

In a webinar this week, two Ogilvy politicos – Mathew Shearman, Senior Account Manager at Ogilvy Healthworld London and James Stewart, Associate Director at Ogilvy Public Relations London – took a look at what brought a potential Brexit about and how an exit would play out for brands and the business marketplace.

So what is the impact on brands?

In short, Life Science brands would lose major EU marketplace and R&D benefits, there’s a high likelihood of many companies announcing changes to their British operations, and there may be opportunities for corporations to influence the government agenda and Brexit negotiations.

For a deeper look at these and other potential implications for brands post the June 23rd vote, view a recording of the webinar here and download the deck below:

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