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Old School Tricks For New-School Media


#socialmatters took it to the classroom on day one with a masterclass from YouTube and Vine star Zach King, who has over 260 million views and 2 million followers. Zach revealed he’d spent 3 hours of the previous day shooting footage for a single Vine (yes, just seven seconds long) on Hong Kong’s MRT system. That’s dedication.

But it’s not unusual in Zach King’s world, where the restrictions of (ultra) short form video have translated into a very detail-oriented approach, often using old-school in-camera tricks (the cutaway, forced perspectives, slapstick and so on). He also talked about the need to experiment, to be rigorous (to an extent) in tracking results and the benefits of creating content customised for the platform.

When it comes to Vine and brands, he believes that awareness is the only game in town (he actually refuses to do branded Vines with a call-to-action). Hilariously, King told the room he often does a ‘director’s cut’ of his branded Vines, which can run anything up to 15 seconds long. And he has noticed that when he does a run of brand-funded Vines, his follower numbers start to throttle back. So he stops doing them (for a while).

Here are Zach’s 3 guidelines for making a great content:


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