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BuzzFeed Embraces Binge-Watching With New App

BuzzFeed doesn’t think you’re giving it enough of your attention, so it has launched a new mobile app this week to take up more eyeball time. BuzzFeed Video (available on both Android and iOS) will function as a native platform for all of the company’s video content, which has previously been shared and viewed predominantly across other social networks.

Jonah-perettiFounder and CEO Jonah Peretti made the announcement during his keynote at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, where he spoke about how BuzzFeed has capitalised on the convergence of three huge trends; mobile, social, and video.

Peretti admits to having personally underestimated the potential of video, until the viral success of ‘Things All Couples Argue About’ proved that BuzzFeed’s brand of relatable humour struck a chord with people watching all over the world. This has in turn helped transform BuzzFeed into what he calls “the biggest content distribution network the world has ever seen.”

He also took the opportunity to showcase the traction that BuzzFeed content has gained across other platforms, such as the ‘Tasty’ cooking channel, which garnered 40 million Likes on Facebook in under six months, and a clip featuring President Obama which got over 61.5 million Likes.

Now, BuzzFeed fans will have a centralised viewing experience for all series, such as ‘The Try Guys’ and ‘Weird Couples.’ Viewers will also be able to search for the latest viral videos, ensuring they don’t miss a thing. “I think we’re going to see more binge-watching of our shows,” says Peretti.

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