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What Should Agencies Learn From Hollywood?

Hollywood came to Spikes towards the end of Day One as Bates CEO David Mayo asked some bona fide Hollywood players how the industry keeps on re-imagining itself to turn out multi-million dollar products with billion-dollar pay-days. Beaming in via Google hangout was Marvel legend Larry Hama, comic book author and scriptwriter who spoke about the need to collaborate with rivals – provided you appoint a strong referee to manage the process.

On stage, Hollywood Producer and Tisch School of Performing Arts lecturer Gabrielle Kelly gave the audience a quick history lesson, explaining how Hollywood’s one-stop-shop production-line approach was completely exploded by the creative auter. Now it’s a constantly evolving ecosystem of studios, producers, agents, creative talent and specialists who’s aim is not to make movies, but to make content platforms.


Bringing the show back to adland was founder and Chairman of “The & Partnership”, Johnny Hornby who has turned his belief in collaboration into a network of 23 agencies across the globe. Hornby spoke of the need for agencies to become idea orchestrators. In a similar model to Hollywood, the collaborative agency of tomorrow will house very smart and confident people who know what is required to solve problems and won’t hesitate to go out and find solutions.

This year, David Mayo was in the hot seat being roasted by 6 youngsters talking about The Bosses of Tomorrow. Stay tuned for the session recap.

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