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Back to the Future (of Design)

It’s a brave man who opens his pre-lunch talk with a meditation on fried chicken, but Rei Inamoto seems to relish (pardon the pun) a challenge. Six months ago, he set himself the goal of trying to better understand what makes something endure. Not just for a few months, but years. Perhaps even decades.

Inamoto travelled the world and spoke to some of the world’s most accomplished chefs, architects, graphic designers and curators about their work. His findings? The 3 common qualities of enduring ideas are that they are produced by organisations or individuals that are:

1. Relentless

2. Fearless

3. Unforgettable

So don’t stop, don’t worry and don’t let anyone forget who you are. Why the chicken? It’s Inamoto’s favourite dish from his childhood and his memory of it is box-fresh. Clearly, his mother also knew how to design for the future.

This year Rei Inamoto is talking about the evolution of creativity in the age of seismic technological and cultural transformation.

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