The Next Generation Of Luxury Car: Driverless



亚洲电子消费展在星期天的奥迪主题展会上慢慢拉开帷幕。与去年每一个科技盛会相同,主题也是关于设备与物联网的连接。在展会上,奥迪借机发布了它的R8 e-tron新车。它自动驶入了舞台中间,是一辆名副其实的自动驾驶电动汽车(或者说无人驾驶的汽车)。与会者甚至有机会在上海进行新车试驾。


早在1988年,奥迪就成为了第一个在中国市场投产的世界领先汽车品牌,也成为了当今中国豪华汽车界的翘楚。R8 e-tron的发布表明,奥迪接下来的计划是进一步领先奢侈品界和并科技紧密结合。



奥迪已经和中国网络服务商百度联手,共同制定导航和定位算法,以推广无人驾驶服务。这一合作可以将无人驾驶服务应用于大量的包括百度地图、百度搜索在内的众多百度APP中,让奥迪成为中国手机和汽车产业十字路口上的领跑者。正如奥迪股份有限公司的董事长Rupert Stadler先生所说:“一辆优质的汽车就是最大的移动设备。”



CES Asia kicked off on Sunday with an Audi keynote which, like any tech event of the last year, was all about connected devices and the Internet of Things. Audi took this opportunity to unveil its R8 e-tron, a self-driving or ‘piloted’ electric car, which drove itself out onto the stage. Attendees were even offered the chance to take this new model on a test drive around Shanghai.


Audi was the first global premium car brand to enter production in China back in 1988, and currently enjoys the number one spot in China’s luxury auto category. The R8 e-tron signifies the next step, as Audi brings the worlds of luxury and connected technology closer together.

While China has a reputation for innovation, with the most billion dollar tech companies after Silicon Valley, it is still not perceived as the most technologically progressive nation on the global stage – but Audi believe that the country is heading in the right direction and moving with the times. With the Chinese government committing “hundreds of billions of yuan” to internet speed and connectivity, the IoT will not be limited to the west, and this makes China an ideal accelerator.


Audi has teamed up with Chinese web services provider Baidu to develop navigation and positioning algorithms which would enhance their piloted car offering. This partnership will yield full access to a wide array of Baidu apps, including the popular Baidu Maps and Baidu Search, making Audi a forerunner at the intersection of the Chinese mobile and auto industries. As Audi AG Chairman Rupert Stadler points out: “A premium car is the largest mobile device.”

It appears that the next generation of Audi motors will all be piloted; the company intends to invest €24 billion in future tech by 2018, with plans afoot to launch a driverless SUV in the same year. Audi’s vision for 2020 is a battery-powered vehicle in every household. “This is the new normal,” says Stadler. “It will not stop.”

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