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Moley Robotics公司旨在改变我们和厨房互动的方式。Moley于最近4月在英国汉诺威工业博览会贸易展上发布了这款烹饪机器人,他们现在正一步步打入东方市场。上海,就是它在亚洲的首秀。

它的工作原理如下。看到那些机器手了吗?它们是目前最复杂的机器手,一共可完成20种复杂的手部运动。Moley公司将测试厨师Tim Anderson绑在一对动作捕捉手套和腕带中,然后让他演示一系列烹饪动作供机器手模仿。在测试了包括牛排到和意大利面的几道菜后,测试团队决定让机器手完成一道蟹味浓汤当作它的首次表演。



Moley公司计划在2017年前将烹饪机器人投放到亚洲消费市场,单价约为1万5美元左右。尽管十分昂贵,但是考虑到距离它的上市还有一段时间, Moley公司肯定会进一步完善它的功能,让它不仅仅局限于只会做汤。机器人公司保证,为了实现多样的平衡饮食,届时将会有2000多种菜单供选择,因此物有所值。


The floors of CES Asia were filled with dancing robots, top-of-the-line sound systems, flashy wearables and hi-tech segways. But one of the most compelling and popular acts came courtesy of a pair of sensitive robotic hands and a cup of crab bisque.


Moley Robotics is aiming to change the way we interact with our kitchen. Recently revealed in the UK in April 2015 at the Hanover Messe industrial tradeshow, their cooking robot is making its way east – and Shanghai marks their official Asia debut.

Here’s how it works. See those robotic hands? They’re the most sophisticated you’ll find right now, with a range of 20 delicate hand motions. What Moley did was strap their test chef –Tim Anderson – into a pair of motion-capturing gloves and wristbands and begin a series of cooking demonstrations for the robot hands to mimic. After testing several dishes – steak to pasta – the team decided crab bisque would be the cooking robot’s inauguration.

The smoothness with which this machine scoops up ingredients, stirs and even works an immersion blender with its right hand while holding the pot steady with its left, is enough to consider the future role of home chefs. But don’t leave the kitchen just yet – ingredients still have to be chopped, sliced and diced by other hands.

Moley_robotics_ogilvydoPlans are to have this robotic chef available to consumers by 2017 in Asia, each range selling for around USD15,000. A pretty sum to be sure, but perhaps reasonable considering that, by the time it’s on the market, Moley will be so much more than soup. The robotics company ensures us there will be more than 2,000 recipes to choose from – for a rather more varied and balanced diet.

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